Apple looks to boost in-car integration with iOS 7 [feedly]

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Apple looks to boost in-car integration with iOS 7

We'll most likely hear about iOS 7 at some point this year, possibly at WWDC in June, but in the meantime we're left to speculate on what we could see in the new update. However, it's reported that iOS 7 will focus more on in-car integration with Apple Maps and Siri. The company is said to be improving in that section of iOS in order to deliver their technology to more cars.


According to 9to5Mac, several sources "familiar with the initiative" say that Apple is in talks with multiple auto makers to bring iOS integration to more cars once iOS 7 hits the mainstream. It's said that Apple is trying to get auto makers to add native iOS integration to infotainment systems in more vehicles in time for the launch of iOS 7.

It's not exactly certain as to how Apple wants its products to be integrated into cars, but one possibility is that users can plug in their iPhones into the infotainment system and have a redesigned version of Apple Maps show up on the infotainment display, instead of using the iPhone's smaller screen.

Siri would also be another feature that Apple is trying to get inside of more cars. It would be similar to what Ford and Chevrolet offer, which we took a look at both recently. Chevrolet is putting Siri integration into the new Sonic, and Ford has its SYNC program, which we also took a look at during CES back in January.

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